Free Digital Marketing Audit

In this free audit, Gaurav Vora will be inspecting the various elements of digital marketing including Website Performance, Organic Presence, SEO, Social Media, Campaign Management, Online Reputation etc.. His purpose is to highlight some of the important factors which can help you in understanding the following:

  1. Shortcomings in presently carried digital marketing activities
  2. Spent vs ROI Analysis
  3. Competitors Research
  4. Strategic Enhancements
  5. Cost optimisation opportunities
  6. Scaling & Growth Enhancement

How to Book?

  • Use the right side bar form (desktop) or use the form below (mobile) to book an appointment
  • Still facing difficulty, you can reach out to us at [email protected]


  1. Is there any fee (or) hidden fee? : There is no fee, the audit is 100% free
  2. Is there a confidentiality agreement? Yes, we make it comfortable for you to share information with us by signing a confidentiality agreement (if required)
  3. Do we audit on weekends and on public holidays? No, we don’t
  4. How long is the audit in terms of duration: Max. of 2 hours
  5. Are you willing to travel to other city: Yes, provided the travel expenses and accommodation will be charged separately
  6. What do I get after the audit: You receive a detailed audit report within 24-48 hours